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Citations International is a humble attempt to bring all the Researchers, Academicians, Scientists, Scholars and Corporate persona to come together and contribute their share to the development of Mankind with Excellence and Humility. Through our International Scientific Meetings, we would like to reach and explore the different trajectories of Science and Technology with vigor and resilience. We are aware of the challenges which lie ahead of us and we would like to overcome those challenges with patience and support from the Global Scientific and Management community. We want your support in our endeavor of Contributing and sharing the knowledge where no one is neglected and deprived of their rights to use scientific research and knowledge for their upliftment and their quest in changing the dynamics of Society.

Citations International is an International Open access Journal Publisher that includes Science and Management Journals. Citations International being an International event Organizer would like to be the driving force in bringing the change and revolution in our society through publishing of Management and Scientific Journal articles. Citations International would like to be the pioneer in Organizing the International Scientific and Management Conferences through its upcoming conferences in Various domain and spectrum which includes Pharmacy, Traditional Medicine, Nanotechnology, Nanoscience, Nursing, Healthcare Sciences,Cancer Therapy, Oncology, Neurology, Psychology,Cardiovascular, Heart Disease, Dental, Oral Care, Vaccines, vaccinations, Cardiology, Graphene, Big Data Analytics, Pharmacovigilance, Pediatrics, Materials Science, Drug Delivery and many other Medical & Engineering Domains.

We would like to bridge the gap between Science and Industry as we believe for sustainable growth and development. Both Industry and Academia should blend together for the ultimate spectrum of euphoria. We feel that Researchers and Academicians are not given due credit for their valuable Contribution in moulding the society and embarking the spirit of Scientific bliss in the society. Citations Scientific Conferences would like to foster and inject the narcotic of Science and Technology in the veins of Young Turks under the guidance and support from Senior Professors and Scientists to channelize and revolutionize the beginning of a new era. Citations International are here to fulfill the dreams and give wings to the aspirations of Young and Budding Researchers who wants to carve a niche for themselves in their respective domain. Citations International brings Science to your doorstep through the flexibility of Online and e-Journals where the researcher can publish their academic and research articles. Dream Big, as we are the protector and caretaker of Your Dreams. Come and be the part of the scientific revolution. Citations International awaits your presence in the Journey of bringing the Revolution.

Our Conferences conferences
June 07-09, 2018 Hyderabad, India


Dental Conferences 2017

June 07-09, 2018 Hyderabad, India

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Upcoming Conferences conferences
March 25-26, 2019 Melbourne, Australia


Upcoming Conferences conferences
July 22-24, 2019 Rome, Italy


Upcoming Conferences conferences
October 15-17, 2019 Dubai, UAE