Citations International is an open-access educational journal publisher and International conferences organizer. Weaim to enable researchers to present their research, experiences, and ideas to a global platform of their peers. Authors contributions can addtothe enrichment and enlightening of the human soul and growth of worldwide citizenship.

We exist to produce specific turn-around time for reviewing, business and dissemination of articles freely for teaching and reference functions. Citations International organizes international management and scientific conferences within the field of teachers, Professors and Academicians providing the right platform to form new connections and to carve a singular niche for themselves in their various scientific and educational domains.

Our focus is to form on the market research articles altogether the areas of education simply accessible by the researchers and academicians on the idea of the open access platform. We tend to believe that the open access model can produce a dynamic area for learning, sharing andstimulating analysis all round the world.

We provide the chance at no cost, unrestricted access to wonderful analysis articles to academic researchers. Citations International believes that data ought to be simply accessible while not restrictions. It understands the distinctive challenges Janus-faced by researchers in their work towards achieving their personal and skilled fulfilment.

Based on this understanding, Citations International provides knowledge through innovative solutions with the main target on developing the human potentials towards impacting world issues without delay and within the future through access to free, high-quality information.