Big Data Analytics Conference Melbourne 2018

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Theme: Exploring new ideas and Innovations in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Welcome to Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018...!!!


It’s a warm welcome to all Big Data Analytics Scientists, Academicians, scholars and delegates to have a look on our organization and join us for the Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 will be the one of the most intriguing and a great vital learning experience for the people from the Big Data domain and Artificial Intelligence. Its breath taking technical sessions will leave you spell bound and drenched for complete three days and will make your experience a memorable one. It’s a humble effort from our end to bring people from different regions and boundaries to come together and share their vision and knowledge. It embarks the beginning of new connections and networks which will really help all of us for sustainable growth and development. We all look forward for your participation in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018.

International Conference on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 has prepared a platform for all to have an open discussion with your pal's who share similar thoughts and aspirations like you.


We welcome you all to join us for this Knowledge oriented Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018


CITATIONS INTERNATIONAL is proud to host research scholars and professional experts to participate in this event. It's our pleasant duty to bid you all a genial welcome to share your valuable innovations and suggestions to the next generations. We aim to bring together front-line experts from multidisciplinary research and application areas to join this conference, to discuss the ongoing Research and Development efforts in the field of Big Data Analytics.


It's gratifying to look around you in the upcoming event!!!

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Conferences Sessions/Tracks

  • Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence
  • Hadoop: The new enterprise data operating system 
  • Reasoning approaches for knowledge extraction
  • Big data lakes
  • NLP and word embedding
  • Predictive analytics
  • Deep learning
  • Big Data Tools and Techniques
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Algorithms for Data Visualization
  • Heterogeneous Integration at Large Volume of Data
  • Rise of Metadata Catalogs and Management
  • Information Tools for Efficient Data Searching
  • Fraud Detection
  • Gravity Recommendation Engine
  • Hardware Improvements
  • Cross-Collaboration between Unrelated Industries
  • General Purpose Processing Engines
  • Sampling
  • Map Reduce
  • Parallel Processing
  • Big Data and Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Activity Based Costing 
  • Big Data Challenges
  • Clinical & Bioinformatics
  • Improving Big Data Technologies
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Customer Micro-Segmentation
  • Ad Fraud Detection
  • Big Data In Nursing Research
  • Click stream Analysis
  • Next-Generation Big Data analytics
  • Big Data Investments
  • Software Deployment Platforms
  • Big Data in Finance
  • Big Data For Governance or Competitive Advantage
  • Big Data Architecture
  • Dashboard Maturity
  • Marketing Automation


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