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About the Conference

The Citations International Academic Conference on Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics, an innovative conference, initiated from in-depth research experience of professionals, academicians and research experts around the world. Citations International is committed to social responsibility and will be in support of organizing Academic Business Conferences. It provides a platform for Academicians, Researchers and Business professionals to share their ideas and knowledge. Additionally provides an opportunity to publish in the reputed business journals. We cordially invite you to participate in conference presentations and have your research to be known to world-class professors and Business Professionals.

Business Conference 2018. will be one of the biggest  events in the domain of Business and Economics.

 The Citations International Academic Conference on Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics, Dubai provides a platform for Business Professors, Research Scholars, Students, Business Professionals, Managers and administrators to present their research work on all aspects of business & business Management education.


Why to Attend:

This conference on Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics brings Economists, Business professionals, professors and research scholars on a single platform and provides an opportunity to share their ideas, views and thoughts on their ongoing research. This conference brings the new dawn with its exhilarating Business and Academic sessions to make your experience memorable and knowledgeable. This is a perfect platform to exemplify your true capacity and to add on your network connections from the people of different countries across the world. Citations Forums aim to foster and motivate the spirit of Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics through our conference in the veins of Business Professionals, Economists, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Researchers and Young Turks. Citations want to identify itself as a perfect medium between Industry and Academia as the voice of present Global revolution. The topics of the conferences reflect the recent advances, current and future trends and challenges and new approaches in Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics. 

Join the Renaissance now as we await your valuable presence in the conference!!

“Investing in Management and Economics Research and Education"


360 Degree Overview of Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics 

Business, Entrepreneurship and Economics are related one another. Promoting sustainable businesses and entrepreneurship can be an important strategic plan for addressing the economic growth and development of a nation and as a whole world. The relationship between sustainability and entrepreneurship can be tricky to define as one seems to restrain the other.

Global economics is an interdisciplinary major subject included in the conference agenda to make Researchers, professors and Economists to participate in the global economy; it aims to deepen knowledge of economics along with its trends, issues and challenges within a culturally and linguistically diverse world. This is useful for Economists and Academicians contemplating research at domestic or overseas in international relations, in international business, or with international organizations. 


Target Audience 


Business professionals



Business Professors

Research Scholars


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Later Stage Companies Representatives