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Theme : Revolutionising the New Parameters in Pharmacy Research and Education

“Investing in Pharmacy Research and Education"

It’s a satisfied welcome to all clinical delegates, younger scientists and pupils to have a glance on our corporation. we are elated to invite you all to wait and sign in for the worldwide convention on pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and  Pharmacy Conference 2018 , which is going to be held during April 9-11, 2018 in Dubai.


Citations international goals to bring the collectively frontline specialists from multidisciplinary studies and application regions to sign up for this conference, to discuss about the continuing studies and improvement efforts inside the area of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science. We’re proud to host studies students and professional professionals to take part in this event. It’s our quality responsibility to bid you all a genial welcome to percentage your treasured innovations and tips to the subsequent generations. all affiliates of the global conference on pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2018 sit up for assembly you in Dubai.

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Medication Therapy Management (MTM):

Medicinal drug therapy management (MTM) is hospital treatment furnished by way of pharmacists whose intention is to optimize drug therapy and enhance healing consequences for sufferers. A remedy therapy management application, or an mtm, is a carrier supplied to members of Medicare drug plans who meet particular standards. Eligible sufferers with a couple of clinical conditions have the potential to sign up for those applications, which might be funded by way of a patient’s component d sponsor (drug plan). Here’s how they paintings: mtms allow a patient to schedule a comprehensive remedy assessment with their pharmacist to study their medicinal drug regimen. Patients get hold of an individualized action plan based totally off in their contemporary medication list. This enables make certain that patients are on the proper medicines, getting the most advantage from their medicinal drugs, and offer a deeper reason behind why they're on every medication.


Market report:

Nationally, trends are pointing to a continuing possibility for pharmacists to offer comprehensive medicinal drug control services as part of the healthcare team. in advance this year, the branch of fitness and human offerings (HHS) introduced the following dreams:                

Tying conventional Medicare payments to nice or cost via packages such as the medical institution cost based totally buying and medical institution readmission discount applications 85% by using 2016, 90% via 2018 tying traditional rate-for-carrier Medicare bills to first-class and cost thru alternative price fashions such as responsible care agencies (ACOS) or bundled payment arrangements 30% by means of the give up of 2016, 50% through the stop of 2018.

The relationship of pharmacist to affected person as a supporter and confidant need not to be underestimated, as sufferers truly find cost on this. Primarily based on effects from the have a look at, sufferers additionally choose in character conversations with their pharmacist.



Pharmacology is the branch of biology worried with the examine of drug movement, where a drug can be extensively defined as any man made, natural, or endogenous (from inside body) molecule which exerts a biochemical or physiological impact at the cellular, tissue, organ, or organism greater in particular, it is the look at of the interactions that arise between a residing organism and chemicals that affect normal or odd biochemical feature if materials have medicinal residences. There are many criminal and civil instances involving the use of medicine and different chemical compounds which come below the forensic law. the forensic pharmacologist desires a selected popularity in his profession due to the relatively unique nature of his information, ability, and paintings. diverse scenarios wherein the knowledge of a forensic pharmacologist may be beneficial consist of drug abuse,sports remedy and doping, drugs alcohol checking out to keep away from the  injuries ,criminal instances, off-label drug use


Market Report:

The requirement in forensic pharmacologist might be more inside the future examine to now and pharmacologist need to be capable of isolate, identify and quantify drugs, and chemical compounds in organic substances. Also, the forensic expert is likewise expected to be taught in following courtroom decorum and ultimate unaffected through the witness stand. He have to additionally have exquisite verbal exchange abilities. a forensic pharmacologist who has to testify must be an expert in all drug related topics which may additionally encompass

Prescription or dispensation of the wrong drug

Use of counterfeit pills

Incorrect storage of drugs

Incorrect calculation of dosage

Management of a wrong dose

Harmful drug interactions

Destructive occasions associated with drug use

Detrimental drug reactions.


Risk management in pharmacy:

A risk control strategy must be designed to shield the essential property of a pharmacy via managing uncertainty. This process includes not only figuring out dangers but also assessing their threat ability and making selections on dealing with those risks. Risk is the danger or possibility, excessive at one intense and occasional at the opposite, that someone can be harmed or revel in negative health final results if something goes wrong, collectively with an illustration of the way serious the damage could be. Chance management in the context of registered pharmacies is set greater than near misses and dispensing errors. it involves:

Having the important systems, processes and skilled team of workers in region to minimize the probability of offering negative first-rate care

Having mechanisms to examine from situations where, in spite of having those systems something has gone incorrect

Figuring out and minimizing the ability for harm or negative fitness results if something is going incorrect as a result of a pharmacy’s activities and offerings.


Market Report:

As in previous years, there will continue to be needs located on the fitness service, and at the Provision of care through pharmacists and in pharmacies. The means of imparting safe health care and Offerings will evolve within the face of opportunities and challenges. There have to be maintain to help and encourage tendencies in pharmacy, wherein there is fitness gadget want and public benefit, and ensure that pharmacists’ training and exercise standards evolve to satisfy the changes. To make certain the powerful roll out of the recently changed requirements set for schooling, progressive pharmacist-led care and changing techniques to pharmacy practice will Remain underpinned with the aid of regulatory safeguards that provide public self assurance.



A biopharmaceutical, also called a biological medical product or biologic, is any pharmaceutical drug product manufactured in, extracted or semi synthesized from organic sources. Exclusive from completely synthesized pharmaceuticals, they consist of vaccines, blood, blood components, allergenic, somatic cells, gene treatment options, tissues, recombinant therapeutic protein, and residing cells used in cell therapy. biologics may be composed of sugars, proteins, or nucleic acids or complex combinations of those substances, or may be living cells or tissues.


Market Report:

Biopharmaceuticals are among the maximum state-of-the-art and elegant achievements of current technological know-how. the large, complex structures of those capsules don’t simply appearance notable inside the 3-d modeling structures used to design them; additionally they carry out their jobs remarkably well, offering excessive efficacy and few side results. And there's a lot greater to come current remedy archetypes are evolving and turning into more state-of-the-art all the time, and persevering with research is yielding totally new styles of products. Considerably new principles are making it to the market, which include the cell remedy provenge, which is used to deal with cancer, and, rather similarly out, gene treatment options, which give even greater tremendous guarantees of regenerative medicine or disorder remission.


Community pharmacists:

Community pharmacists are the health professionals maximum reachable to the general public. They deliver drugs according with a prescription or, when legally permitted, sell them without a prescription they keep links with different health professionals in number one fitness care. might be a completely unique useful resource for the  converging on answers to the health care triple intention of improving the patient revel in of care, retaining populations healthful, and decreasing the value of care, all at the same time as improving the paintings existence of health care carriers. Thru a tradition based on valuing the individual, we will be ingenious, agile, ingenious and beneficent in serving the human beings of the nation and past, to broaden more healthy populations through studies, innovation, inter professional education and patient-focused care.


Market Report:

The global healthcare commercial enterprise intelligence (bi) marketplace become valued at an envisioned $2,376.6 million in 2013 and is predicted to grow at a 14.8% inside the subsequent 5 years. This high boom is in particular attributed to federal health reforms, upward push in healthcare facts, want to manage growing healthcare charges, improve clinical consequences & patient delight and meet with growing regulatory compliance necessities. apart from those parameters, different factors which include growing utilization of mobile through the healthcare network, increasing adoption of cloud computing, developing healthcare it adoption, boosting healthcare statistics exchanges, health insurance exchanges, and integration environments are not directly supporting this market increase. but, factors consisting of statistics privateness and protection troubles, complex set of technologies, lack of flexibility of structures, and lack of manpower with healthcare and technical skills are predicted to avert the increase of this marketplace.


Clinical pharmacology:

Clinical pharmacology is the science of medicine and their medical use. it's far underpinned by way of the fundamental science of pharmacology, with added attention at the utility of pharmacological concepts and quantitative strategies inside the real global. it has a vast scope, from the discovery of recent goal molecules, to the effects of drug utilization in complete populations. Medical research is needless if, in the end, it fails to deliver advantage to sufferers. it's miles therefore immensely depressing to examine, in almost any observe analyzing the care given to patients, our modest impact. Two examples, from regions that scientific pharmacologists claim as their own, are salutary. community research inside the uk monitor that much less than 20% of aged sufferers with high blood pressure are identified, handled and thoroughly controlled  less than 25% of patients with atria fibrillation obtain anticoagulants. those conspicuous screw ups in delivering high-quality care are international and (as a minimum in growing countries) aren't glaringly associated with the sources to be had for health care.


Market Report:

He area of interest of our research in the market, scientific pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, is the secure and green use of medicinal merchandise – including small molecules, biological and vaccines – in people. in our scientific pharmacology research, most regularly in early degree development, specially healthy subjects or nicely-described affected person populations are involved. In our regulatory technological knowhow research. inside the pharmacotherapy research, the focal point is on the usage of medicinal merchandise in each day patient care (both ambulatory and in a medical institution setting), at the same time as in our pharmaceutical care/clinical pharmacy research, in destiny it will be explore the function of the pharmacist in the rational use of medicinal products inside the ambulatory setting (pharmaceutical care) in addition to in the medical institution (medical pharmacy).


Drug Design:

It is the method of manufacturing or invention of novel and/ or new clinical product, the layout of this new product absolutely primarily based on the information of biological goal. Furthermore, this technique sometimes referred to as or referred to as rational drug layout. The last purpose of drug components is to deliver the lively pharmaceutical element via biological membranes the proper goal inside the proper attention in the course of a defined time c language. Finest performance of the drug method can be executed by way of thinking about the physicochemical houses and recipients, along with both the pharmacological houses and process ability of a given formula. Understanding the maximum relevant factors affecting the drug product overall performance enables the development of a most reliable pharmaceutical product.


Market Report:

The pharmacy enterprise, which is predicted to grow over 15 in line with cent in line with annum between 2015 and 2020, will outperform the global pharmacy enterprise, which is about to grow at an annual charge of 5 according to cent between the equal period!. the marketplace is anticipated to develop to us$ fifty five billion by using 2020, thereby rising as the 6th largest pharmaceutical market globally via absolute length, as said by using Mr. Arun Singh, Indian ambassador to the usa. Branded generics dominate the prescription drugs market, constituting almost eighty in keeping with cent of the market percentage (in terms of sales). the arena is expected to generate 58,000 extra task opportunities via the year 2025.


Serotonin pharmacology:

Serotonin five-hydroxytryptamine (five-ht) is a monoamine neurotransmitter.  Serotonin is basically found within the gastrointestinal tract (gi tract), blood platelets, and the central apprehensive system (cns) of animals, which includes human beings. it is popularly concept to be a contributor to emotions of nicely-being and happiness. Serotonin secreted from the enterochromaffin cells eventually unearths its way out of tissues into the blood. There, it is actively taken up. Whilst the platelets bind to a clot, they launch serotonin, in which it serves as a vasoconstrictor and enables to regulate homeostasis and blood clotting. Serotonin is also a boom component for a few kinds of cells, which may also provide it a function in wound healing. There are various serotonin receptors.


Market report:

“Antidepressants market to 2018 - in spite of protection concerns, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors hold to dominate in the absence of powerful therapeutic options”, which presents insights into the antidepressants marketplace till 2018.modern-day analysis suggests that the overall global antidepressant market for the 4 warning signs, (mdd, ocd, gad and pd) changed into valued at $11.nine billion in 2011, developing from $10.5 billion in 2004 and indicating a compounded annual increase rate (cagr) of 1.7%. the marketplace is forecast to reach revenues of approximately $13.4 billion by means of 2018 for the above referred to 4 main warning signs, growing at a cagr of 1.8%. general the range of prescriptions for antidepressant has risen, but this has been offset via a number of patent expiries and high usual entry.


Personalized medicine:

Personalized remedy is a medical technique that separates patients into exclusive corporations—with medical choices, practices, interventions and/or merchandise being tailor-made to the man or woman patient primarily based on their anticipated reaction or risk of ailment. these days cancer pills are more and more twinned with a diagnostic tool that may decide whether a affected person will respond to the drug primarily based on their tumor’s genetic characteristics; scientific imaging may be used to become aware of the nice implantable device to deal with a specific patient with clogged coronary arteries; and development in regenerative remedy and stem cellular remedy the usage of a affected person’s very own cells should cause the replacement or regeneration in their missing or damaged tissues. given these tendencies, the destiny of medication is hastily coming near the promising stage of care and cure as soon as.


Market Report:

A molecule which can switch oxygen at some point of the body has been in excessive call for, particularly in trauma and army settings, in which blood is in short deliver or isn’t without problems available. The branch of defense, for one, has doled out millions of greenbacks in presents for improvement efforts. Offering the proper drug to the proper affected person at the proper time. this one won't seem thus far-fetched given that we’ve already reduced the cost of sequencing the human genome to about $1,000, visible fda approvals of a few personalized drug treatments and associate diagnostic checks, and had many agencies shape (and lift extreme cash) around the idea of personalized medicine. but one of these paradigm shift takes time and affects not handiest researchers, doctors and patients however also insurers and authorities regulators. As we keep to peer researchers conquer the medical obstacles to personalized medicine, discover more bio markers and increase extra checks and therapeutics, problems with accuracy, affordability and coverage will come into play.

Different interesting predictions are available to the image in destiny are:

clever pills that enhance mental functions through 2019

gene remedy by way of 2030

hybrid-assisted limbs which are embedded within the wearer’s frame via 2032

tablets that opposite or gradual down growing old by using 2038.



Pharmacogenomics is the examine of the function of the genome in drug response.pharmacogenomics analyzes how the genetic makeup of an individual influences his/her reaction to drugs. it offers with the influence of obtained and inherited genetic version on drug reaction in patients with the aid of correlating gene expression or unmarried-nucleotide polymorphisms with pharmacokinetics (drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination) and pharmacodynamics (consequences mediated through a drug's organic goals). this technology has targeted on not unusual genetic versions, inclusive of unmarried nucleotide polymorphisms (snps), genomic insertions and deletions, and genetic copy range versions (cnvs). snps seem like the maximum frequently inherited sequence variations, however cnvs account for large areas of the genome. it is not clear which is extra vital in pharmacogenomics but it's miles probably that each play a position inside the phenotypic effects and parameters.


Market Report:

International pharmacogenomics marketplace - growth, future possibilities and competitive evaluation, 2016–2024” gives strategic insights into the overall global pharmacogenomics market at the side of the market size and estimates for the period 2014 to 2024. this research observe covers in-depth analysis of more than one marketplace segments based totally on form of era, utility and geographical distribution. the era types studied for analyzing the general pharmacogenomics market is majorly segmented into microarray, sequencing, polymerase chain response, and different technologies. primarily based on packages the pharmacogenomics marketplace is majorly segmented into oncology, cardiology, pain management, neurological disorders.


Pharmacy informatics:

Pharmacy informatics is the scientific area that focuses on medicinal drug-associated records and understanding inside the continuum of healthcare systems - including its acquisition, garage, analysis, use and dissemination. a medical institution informatics is part of fitness informatics that concentrates basically on the administrational wishes of clinics. in severa executions, a his is an extensive, coordinated statistics framework intended to deal with all the parts of a physician's facility's operation, as an instance, therapeutic, managerial, wealth associated, and legitimate troubles and the relating handling of administrations.


Market Report:

The scientific picture evaluation software marketplace is expected to attain usd three.88 billion through 2022 from usd 2.sixty one billion in 2017, at a cagr of 8.2% all through the forecast duration. the scientific picture analysis software program marketplace is enormously competitive with the presence of numerous small and huge gamers. a number of the players inside the clinical image evaluation software program marketplace encompass agfa healthcare (Belgium), Aquila (France), care stream fitness, inc. (us), esaote s.p.a (Italy), ge healthcare (us), picture analysis (united kingdom), infinity healthcare co, ltd. (south Korea), merge healthcare, inc. (us), mim software program inc. (us), Mirada scientific restrained (united kingdom), Philips healthcare (Netherlands), science soft united states of America enterprise (us), Siemens healthiness (Germany), Toshiba medical structures company (Japan), and xinapse systems ltd (united kingdom).


Pharmacy technician:

A pharmacy technician is a fitness care provider who plays pharmacy-related capabilities, commonly running underneath the direct supervision of an authorized pharmacist Superior pharmacy technicians. Superior pharmacy technicians who have additional Training, education, and competence evaluation may also perform tasks that require more Duty. Underneath the supervision of pharmacists, and/or with the approval of the kingdom Boards of pharmacy, advanced pharmacy technicians may be involved in, however now not restrained to, the Following roles:

1. Advanced medicine systems, inclusive of tech-take look at-tech applications

2. purchasing/fiscal control

3. management/supervision of other pharmacy technicians

4. Medication records assistance

5. Medication therapy management assistance

6. Fine development

8 risky drugs coping with

9. Patient help programs

10. Pharmacy technician training and education

11community outreach

12. Drug usage assessment and/or damaging drug occasion tracking

13. Enterprise

14. Informatics


Market Report:

Pharmacy technicians shape an essential issue of the pharmacy team of workers, comprising as much as 75% of the pharmacy body of workers in a few international locations. The improvement of the pharmacy technician workforce and roles can also serve as an essential strategy to help the changing roles of pharmacists. pharmacy technicians use a ramification of equipment and technology in their work. they may use pill counters, filling or sealing auger dose machines, fume hoods, and laboratory balances. they also use computer software program for accounting, stock, and label making; moreover, they may use database user interface and query software.



Pharmacognosy is the study of medicinal tablets derived from plant life or other herbal sources. The yank society of pharmacognosy defines as "the study of the bodily, chemical, biochemical and organic residences of medicine, drug materials or capability drugs or drug materials of natural beginning as well as the search for new capsules from natural assets. this consultation is particularly dealth with shows on different branches of pharmacognosy which includes scientific ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, phytotherapy, phytochemistry, phytoconstituents, zoopharmacognosy, marine pharmacognosy and plenty of greater.


Market Report:

The global marketplace for herbal remedies across all segments presently brings in about $eighty three billion. Relying on the phase, growth is constant, ranging between three% and 12%. Natural nutritional supplements ($11 billion) and natural useful ingredients ($14 billion) make up over a third of the marketplace. The global herbal pharmaceutical enterprise (including capsules from herbal precursors and registered natural remedy) contributes $44 billion. Natural splendor merchandise make up the remaining $14 billion of the market. in the worldwide cosmetics marketplace, herbal ingredients are envisioned to have a 6% percentage of the marketplace, and are displaying the most powerful growth, between 8% and 12 %. u.s.


Toxicology pharmacy:

Toxicology is a discipline, overlapping with biology, chemistry, pharmacology, remedy, and nursing, that includes the have a look at of the unfavourable results of chemical materials on living organisms and the practice of diagnosing and treating exposures to pollutants and toxicants. the relationship between dose and its effects at the exposed organism is of high importance in toxicology. toxicology laboratories gives up-to-date sales and market records, permitting you to become aware of the product and patron segments using sales growth. the file identifies the main companies in the industry, and offers strategic analysis of the key elements influencing the market. our records forecasts are accompanied by complete evaluation to illustrate how the market is responding to dominant and emerging developments.


Market Report:

The global in vitro toxicology checking out marketplace is predicted to reach usd 27.36 billion through 2021 from usd 14.15 billion in 2016, at a cagr of 14.1% from 2016 to 2021. competition to animal testing, new & promising technology, increasing r&d to stumble on toxicity at early levels and insufficient databases to facilitate using in vitro check methods are the primary growth drivers for this marketplace in the course of the forecast length (2016–2021). but, loss of in vitro models to discover autoimmunity and immunostimulation and predictive capacity of in vitro checking out over in vivo testing may preclude the growth of this market.


Clinical Pharmacy:

Clinical pharmacy is a fitness technological know-how field in which pharmacists provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes fitness, and sickness prevention. enhancing the coherence and integrity of publications in scientific pharmacy packages through chronic curriculum reform and piloting with the aid of schools is likewise a leap forward.. in the end, cooperation among pharmacy colleges and hospitals ought to be strengthened, greater college contributors with a scientific pharmacy background ought to be recruited, and clinic pharmacists ought to be involved in coaching university courses. for instance, peking college included more than 10 affiliated or coaching hospitals as bases for clinical pharmacy students to undertake scientific practice and hired.


Market Report:

Vaccine technologies international market reached $33.3 billion in 2016 and anticipated to attain $45.2 billion by using 2021, developing at a compound annual boom rate (cagr) of 6.3% from 2016 to 2021. most cancers vaccines international marketplace anticipated at almost $4.2 billion and $four.0 billion in 2014 and 2016, respectively. this marketplace is anticipated to down from almost $3.5 billion in 2016 to $3.4 billion in 2021 at a cagr of -0.4% for 2016-2021.the global market for antithrombotic/anticoagulant drugs need to reach $27.3 billion with the aid of 2021 from $18.9 billion in 2016 at a compound annual growth charge (cagr) of 7.6%, from 2016 to 2021.


Pharma market analysis:

The pharmaceutical enterprise is directly impacted via the research carried out with pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and otc tablets being manufactured based totally on findings from the look at of lifestyles sciences. Scientific trials are carried out to ensure that products being evolved are tested on how well they work on people laid low with the diseases or conditions they are created to treat. The arena population is growing swiftly and is projected to upward push from 7 billion in 2011 to 7.7 billion in 2020 and 9.6 billion in 2050, for this reason an increase in the call for for pharmaceuticals.the ageing system also affects the demand. By way of 2020 about 9.4% of the arena population (719.4 million humans) might be 65 or above, in comparison with 7.3% (477.4 million) in 2005 (un, 2013). Clinical advances beef up this fashion.


Drug Development:

Drug development is the method of bringing a new pharmaceutical drug to the market as soon as a lead compound has been identified through the manner of drug discovery. As micro organism retain to expand resistance, popular treatment turns into ineffective and bacterial infections threaten worldwide fitness. therefore, there is an urgent need to increase new antibacterial capsules which can be active against pathogens related to antibacterial drug resistance and bad clinical consequences to enhance affected person health and properly-being global. fda’s roles in combating antibacterial drug resistance are to  facilitate the development of latest antibacterial drugs to treat patients and  enhance the technology of clinical trial design.


Market Report:

Worldwide drug discovery informatics market size turned into valued at usd 1,737.0 million in 2014. key increase drivers of this quarter encompass information generation advancements in the area of information mining and analytics with respect to drug improvement, established and unstructured statistics explosion, and rising utilization of cloud-primarily based offerings.loss of information technology applications that help in aggregating records and also resource in supplying ‘vital attributes’ of facts evaluation with the intention to make actual-time choices is anticipated to steer research on this zone to a widespread quantity thereby using commercial progress thru to 2022. moreover, ongoing advancements in software program structures for the supply of records aggregation, statistics processing & analysis, and information visualization is attributive for an adoption of greater included and automatic lab structures therefore boosting revenue era through to 2022.



Why in Dubai?


The United Arab Emirates is a country located in the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar, Iran and Pakistan. Established on 2 December 1971, UAE is a federation of seven emirates. The constituent emirates are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al-Quwain. The capital is Abu Dhabi, which is one of the two centers of commercial and cultural activities, together with Dubai. Islam is the official religion of the UAE and Arabic is the official language. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city of diversity and contrasts at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s leading international business centers and regional hubs. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class professional environment, Dubai has fast become the best place to do business in the Middle East. Thanks to our city’s strategic location, tax-free living and strong economic outlook. It is the ideal base for multinationals and other companies targeting markets in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Asian Subcontinent and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Here are the ten reasons to choose Dubai:

1 Global Aviation Hub: Dubai International Airport is ranked second in the world for international passenger traffic with over 7,000 weekly flights. The airport is operated by 125 airlines that connect to over 260 destinations across the globe. Dubai’s new airport, Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali, will have the capacity to handle 160 million passengers when it’s fully operational. Currently, phase one has been completed.
Emirates Airlines is Dubai’s flag carrier with flights to and from over 140 destinations worldwide and fly Dubai has also become the world’s fastest start-up airline since its launch in 2008, flying to more than 65 destinations across the GCC, Asia, Africa, India and parts of Europe.


2 World-Class Infrastructure: Who ever imagined a small Arab village would become the powerhouse it is today? Dubai boasts well-maintained roads and excellent public transport and connectivity, including the state-of-the-art Dubai Metro — just some of the services you can expect here.


3 Venues for Meetings and Conventions: We have a wide option of flexible business event facilities, from meeting rooms for 10 people to convention halls for thousands. Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) has 90,000+ square meters of exhibition and meeting space and is only a 10-minute drive or a Metro Red line ride from the airport. In addition, arrays of hotels in Dubai offer high quality and sizeable meeting space.


4 Hotels: Choose from one of our premium, standard or budget hotels, all of which have excellent conference and meeting facilities. There are currently more than 625 hotels with more than 85,000 hotel rooms. Current estimates show that the end of 2016 expects 20,000 to 30,000 more rooms.


5 Business Growth Opportunities: Thanks to our ideal location, excellent connectivity and extensive services to help you with all aspects of your business. Dubai has become a centre of trade and commerce for the Middle East. Our government is pro-business with the most transparent business regulations in the region and provides tax-free zones, first-class physical infrastructure and access to an experienced and skilled labor force. With the newly established Dubai Association Centre, the Emirate now has a platform that lets you easily set up an international association here, whether it’s a headquarters or a regional office.


6 Knowledge Hub: Dubai is a growing knowledge hub that includes a significant number of universities and research centers committed to paving the way for technological and scientific advancements. Dubai Silicon Oasis offers state-of-the-art research, development and industrial facilities, while Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park is the leading life sciences cluster in the Middle East. In addition, Dubai Healthcare City is home to over 4,000 licensed professionals in two hospitals and over 120 outpatient medical centers and diagnostic laboratories occupying 4.1 million square feet in the heart of Dubai.


7 Safety: Rated by Interpol as one of the safest cities in the world, Dubai offers a crime-free and politically stable environment. Delegates also have access to state-of-the-art health facilities and paramedics in hotels.


8 Adventures and Experiences: Adrenaline-pumping desert safaris, luxurious spa breaks, sumptuous meals, relaxing dhow cruises, high-octane skydives and exhilarating water park rides — these are just some of the unique experiences Dubai offers its guests. You’ll find that our city is one of contrasts and our people a great mix of cultures. The meeting point of old and new provides a cultural experience deeply rooted in Arabic tradition, set in a modern environment.


9 Restaurants and Entertainment: From Arabic to Asian, French to Mexican and everything in between, Dubai offers food lovers a tantalizing array of mouthwatering options to delight your taste buds. The city is known for its vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene, a place where you can relax at blissful beach clubs or watch one of the world’s most exciting horse races.

10 Experienced Industry Support: The Dubai Bid Alliance, chaired by Dubai Business Events, provides professional organizers and conference managers a unique bid package that includes incentives, specific discounts, pre-negotiated rates and harmonized terms and conditions from Dubai stakeholders.


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