Citations Publishers is an open access journal committed to prompt publication of articles on monthly, quarterly, Half-yearly and annual basis. Submission of original manuscripts of high impact and scientific merit are readily welcomed for publication in this journal. All articles are peer-reviewed to ensure quality, integrity and fairness. Papers will be published shortly after acceptance. 

Electronic submission of manuscripts with text, tables, and figures included in a single Microsoft Word file (preferably in Arial font) is strongly encouraged.

Types of paper: Three types of manuscripts may be submitted:

Regular articles: These articles should be original, novel and have properly confirmed findings with experimental procedures in adequate detail for easy verifiability by others.

Short Communications: These articles are appropriate for presenting the results of complete small findings or show details of novel methods, models, techniques or apparatus. The sections style of short communications does not necessarily follow that of full-length papers. Short communications are usually 2 to 4 printed pages in length when ready for publication.

Reviews: These are articles evaluating topical matters and concepts. It is compulsory for the study of a review paper to be supported by at least a reference citation of a previously published related paper of at least one of the author(s).

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