International Journal of Business Research and Management Practice


The International Journal of Business Research and Management Practice (IJBRMP) aims to publish research articles, cases and book reviews related to business and management field that can aid academicians and researchers from all over the world to better understand the recent developments in shape of new management and business theories and the extension of the existing published work. The topics may include a wide range of research areas in Business and Management like Business Theories, Contemporary Research in Business, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Finance, Corporate Governance, Investment, Insurance, Risk Management, Project Management, Financial Reporting, Accounting, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Advertising, Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Human Resource Management, Total Quality Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Business Research Methods, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management and any other area that can fall under the scope of Business and Management discipline.

The International Journal of Business Research and Management Practice (IJBRMP) is a unique journal in its provision of extra ordinary services like Quick and Professional Correspondence with authors, Fair and Comprehensive Articles’ Review, Extensive Indexing, Prompt Results of Reviews by our dedicated Reviewers and Editors, High Readership and Impact.

The journal attracts the attention of not only researchers and academicians but also academic institutes, Managers, Consultants, Directors, Trainers, HR Managers, Line Managers, Performance Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Managers, Chief Executive Officers and above all the students in Business and Management Discipline.

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