International Journal of Pharmacy studies and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research

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International Journal of Pharmacy studies and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research (IJPSPSR)focus on providing ways to bring together different aspects of pharmacy viz. Pharmaceutics (Drug Delivery, Drug Dispensing, Drug Manufacturing and Packaging, Drug Metabolism / Disposition], Pharmacognosy [Herbal drug study, Pharmacognostic study of plants, Standardization, Isolation of lead compound or compounds from plants, toxic plants, Phytochemical screening of  plants], Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Herbal drug QC, Pharmaceutical chemistry – drug design, synthetic and natural, QSAR, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Quality Control, Marine drugs study, Pharmaceutical Technology improvement, Pharmacoeconomics, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacy Teaching related improvement, also other resources and explore them further. 

IJPSPSR publishes original research work that contributes significantly to further the scientific knowledge in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy, Natural Product Research, Pharmaceutics, Novel Drug Delivery, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Molecular Drug Design, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Cell Biology, Genomics and Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics, Bioinformatics, Pharmacoeconomics). Research outcomes from medical sciences/case study and biotechnology of pharmaceutical interest are also considered.

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