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Citations international is that the international journal of the cardiology for basic and travel analysis, spanning all topics inside medical specialty and vessel biology. The journal aims to enhance insight into cardiovascular disease mechanisms and also the prospects for innovation. The journal welcomes submission of papers each at the molecular, sub-cellular, cellular, organ, and organism level, and of clinical proof-of-concept and translational studies. Manuscripts area unit expected to provide a major contribution to the sector with connection for cardiovascular biology and diseases.

Cardiology may be a medical specialty that deals with diagnosing and treatment of heart disorders for human and animals. Adult and pediatric cardiologists cater to inborn heart diseases, pathology, arterial coronaries diseases, and vacuolar heart diseases. due to the steep increase within the number of patients suffering with cardiac strokes, that are typically fatal in nature; acute coronary syndrome (ACS), cardiopathy, coronary-artery disease, Coronary heart condition, myocardial infarct (heart attack) the clinical importance of medicine is very high. Publishing with Citations international




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