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Guidelines For Contributors

1. Format & Style

Manuscripts: All manuscripts must be printed in letter quality (font size 12, font style Times New Roman) in single space in single column of A4 paper with margins of at least one inch on all sides not more than10 page . Authors should submit one soft copy together with one hard copy by post of their manuscripts to the Chief Editor.

Cover Page: Manuscripts of a paper should have a cover page providing the

  1. Title of the paper
  2. The name(s),
  3. Designation
  4. Address (es)
  5. Phone
  6. Fax numbers
  7. E-mail address (es)
  8. Subject to be publish under
  9. Key words for the Paper

of all authors. Please restrict the author – related information only to cover page.

Abstract: Following the cover page, there should be an 'abstract' page that should contain the title of paper, the subtitle "Abstract" and a summary of the paper in single space, with double Colum not exceeding 300 words along with three to five key words. The text of the paper should not start on this page, but on a fresh page. References should be cited in the style prescribed in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Guidelines).

Figures & Tables: Each figure/table should be numbered, titled. The position of figure or table should be indicated in the text on a separate line with the words “Table 1 about here?.

Length of the Papers: The total length of the paper should not exceed 5000 words (Includes abstract, table, chart, reference etc). Authors are requested to strictly follow the prescribed length. For every additional 1000 words an extra Rs. 500/- will be charged.

2. CD and hard copy of final manuscripts:

The authors needs to sent the CD containing MS-Word file of the paper, Hard Copy of the Paper along with Copy Right Declaration Form duly signed by all authors along with publication fees.

3. Publication Fees:

A) IJCI charges a humble amount towards publication fees of Rs. 1000/- for single author, (with maximum 2 to 3 graph/charts/tables/maps etc., else cost increases by Rs.500/-, upto 5000 words. For every additional 1000 words, Rs.500/- extra) for every Addition author Rs. 500/- extra to be paid, in Demand draft drawn in favour of “International Journal of Contemporary Issues (IJCI)” payable at Hyderabad. Cheque at par drawn in favour of “International Journal of Contemporary Issues (IJCI)” is also acceptable.

B) For International Authors (Authors outside India) needs to pay US$ 100 for single author for an article with a length of 5000 words. However, for every additional author US$ 20 extra to be paid and/or every additional 1000 words an extra US$ 20 needs to be paid.

4. Check-List

Before submitting the article you should check the following:

Covering letter (Hard copy should be sent)

  • Undertaking by Author(s) signed by all authors (hard copy should be sent)
  • Title with Abstract having maximum five key words.
  • Article
  • Acknowledgement (option)
  • References (Must be in MLA style)
  • Processing fee (Rs. 1, 000/- for Indian and USD 50 for foreigners) should be requested, once article accepted for publication.

5. Submission of article:

The article must be sent in softcopy to



Publication Policies and Ethics

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Attention to Authors

The latest issue
(September, 2017) of IJER has been published and hardcopies have been sent to authors.