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Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Contemporary Issues (IJCI) is a global peer reviewed open access journal published by Citations International. It aims to promote genuine research in the fields of Commerce, Communication & Journalism, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, History, Human Geography, Law, Library & Information Science, Management, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology and other interrelated subjects.

It encourages on-line submissions of manuscripts of each academic and engineering. This peer reviewed journal is published monthly.


The International Journal of Contemporary Issues (IJCI) is proud to have a growing international reputation as an academic journal. It sets resolute make sure that professors from across the globe have a reputable vehicle for distributive their research papers. Those who are seeking recent and original articles, particularly in the relevance sector can notice the journal a useful resource. The IJCI is revealed and issued four times a year and may be a journal of the Contemporary Issues and concerns. The Journal publishes related to Business and Management research, Operations Research, Statistics, Social Management, Marketing Theory, Business Investment, Human Resource Management, Business Pedagogy and Teaching Methods, New era marketing: Issues and Challenges ,Trends & Challenges, Laws and Ethics, Commerce and Trade, International Business and Development, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology.



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The latest issue
(September, 2017) of IJER has been published and hardcopies have been sent to authors.