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About the Conference

About the Conference


Citations International is delighted and ecstatic to invite Academicians, Scientists, Researchers, Corporates Scholars and Young Turks to its Upcoming International Conference on Materials Science and Graphene Technology which is going to be held in Dubai, UAE from April 9-11, 2018. It is an attempt to bring about the Scientific Revolution and Renaissance in the field of Materials Science and Technology through our Research and Knowledge Oriented Scientific Meet.. We believe  Materials Science domain has contributed us much and is very essential for the sustainaible developemnt of mankind. It has got trmendous potential which needs to be explored and people should know more about the contriutuon of Materials Science in shaping our future growth.


Materials Science 2018 will be one of the biggest scientifc extravaganza and one of the most exciting scientifc event of the year


Materials Science and Graphene has been with us since the inception of Mankind but it never got its due recognition until the last few years. This meeting is an effort from our side to let people know about the contribution of materials science and spread its knowledge to each and every part of globe. This meeting will serve as the best platform to learn,share and research more about materials science and graphene.

It’s a sincere effort from our side to take Materials Science to a whole new level and provide you with the complete insight and in-depth analysis with its broad range of topics which includes Carbon, Nanotechnology, Smart Materials, Advanced Emerging Materials, and Polymers Science etc.  Covered in the conference. We strive for excellence with humility as we through our session which focuses on Full 360 degree overview of Materials Science and its contribution for our better tomorrow.


It embarks the beginning of new era in the Materials Science domain and for Professors, Academicians, Scientists, and Business Personalities to explore their ideas and Vision and give wings to their Imaginations. We promise to deliver you the best scientific experience where you can come, learn and excel from the event.

We bring you the globally towering figures from Materials Science and Graphene under one roof with Diversified Knowledge Oriented Scientific session which will keep you glued to your seats and will drench you in the ocean of knowledge. 


Come and Be the Part of change. Help us with your feedback about the scientific sessions which we have planned.


Why to attend?

This conference on Materials Science and Graphene Technology brings the new dawn with its Exhilarating Scientific Sessions to make your Experience memorable and knowledge oriented one It’s a perfect platform to exemplify your true potential and to add on your network connections from people across the globe. We aim to foster and motivate the spirit of Materials Science through our conference in the veins of Researchers, Young Turks, Academicians, and Scientists. We want to identify ourselves as a perfect medium between Science and Academia as we are the Voice of Present Scientific Revolution. The topics of the Conferences l reflect the recent advances, current trends, future trends and new approaches in Materials Science and Graphene Technology.


Join the Renaissance now as we await your Valuable presence in the conference!!


360 Degree Overview of Materials Science and Graphene 


Materials Science has always been the pioneer in Revolutionising the development of mankind with its unique properties that has made our life easy since our inception. We owe much of our gratitude towards the materials science in shaping our future. It has emerged itself as the best subject in recent years which has made mandatory for Universities and Colleges around the Globe to keep this course as a part of their rigorous Academic and Scientific curriculum so  that Young Turks gets nurtured and are ready to carve their niche in this domain. They are being identified as the future as they are seen as the saviour and driving force for sustainable Growth and Development.


Its diversified and exhilarating topics have made great excitement among the Research community to proceed with the latest research and have motivated them to reach and excel at new height. They through their research and hard work combined with their excellence has made a huge impact on society and has inspired many others to follow the lead and make their contribution for a better tomorrow.


Going by the recent trends and its huge impact on our world it’s a very sincere effort from Citations International to go with its first International Scientific conference on Materials Science and Engineering with the theme : Escalating the Research in Materials Science with an appeal to Global fraternity of Materials Science Including the Researchers ,Scientist, Academicians, Scholars ,Business Icons to come and share their Immense Knowledge and Contribute their part in making a world a better place to live and mark their presence in Scientific Renaissance.


Importance and Scope:


 Materials science and Graphene has always been the trend setter and it continues to Initiate and paves the means for brand spanking new theoretical and research in areas of physics, engineering and chemistry. We have made sure through our diverse range of  Scientific Sessions and Topics  which covers each and every aspect of Materials Science  that you will have an Idyllic  experience for you to learn , Grow and Contribute to the Society and it would be a great platform to know about  Graphene ,Nanotechnology, Polymers, Carbon, ceramics, solid-state physics, and chemistry and many more researches on it and for the students it is a great chance to build up there carrier in material science engineering which will be more instrumental for them in shaping our better tomorrow 


Target Audience


• Materials Scientists/Research Professors/ Graphene Researchers/Academicians/

• Nanotechnologists 

• Metals and Metallurgy Engineers/Professors//Students

• Physicists/Chemists

• Junior/Senior research fellows of Materials Science/ Nanotechnology/ Polymer Science

• Materials Science Students

• Directors of chemical companies

• Materials Engineers

• Members of different Materials science associations


Current Research in Materials Science and Graphene Technology


Forensic and Corrosion Science

High Temperature Plasticity of Micro alloyed Aluminum: Influence of Rapid Solidification and Wrought Processing on Precipitation Strengthening and Deformation Mechanisms.

Smart & Hybrid Materials

UCR AOI 4 Development of a Physically-based Creep Model Incorporating Eta Phase Evolution for Nickel-base Superalloys used in Advance Electric Power Generation Plants.

Computational Modelling, Processing & Simulation of Metals & Materials

Collaborative Research: In-Situ Three-Dimensional Diffraction and High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of Modulated Martensites.

Advanced Emerging Materials 

Collaborative Research: Virtual Processing Operation and Damage of Low Volume Solder Interconnects for 3DIC Packaging.