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About the Conference

Citations International is organizing  an International conference on Neurology conferences 2019  | Cardiology conferences 2019  to be held in Dubai, UAE from April 09-11, 2019.The main objective  of these conference is to have a great insight and discussion about the topics realted to Nurology and Cardiology Neurologists and cardiologists are every now and again associated with organizing the care of patients with an assortment of conditions, the most widely recognized being stroke administration of conditions that have both heart and brain signs. that incline to neurological confusions and neurological conditions that can include the heart causes and cerebral results, along these lines the nearby participation amongst neurologists and cardiologists is essential for the ideal patient administration.. Interventional cardiology with its across the board constant administrations for intense myocardial dead tissue in the brain can fill the current holes in scope of populace needs with neuro interventional administrations. At my medical center neurologists work closely with cardiologists, talking about particular pathologies which may affect the brain. We discuss clinical cases and how we manage them. This collaboration should not take place in conferences only, but on a regular basis, to form neuro cardiology or cardio-neurology teams. Such an alliance would be fruitful for both fields.


Neurology conferences 2019  | Cardiology conferences 2019 will be one of the biggest Medical events and exquisite research oriented event of the year

Why to Attend:

Selective Sessions and Panel dialogs on most recent developments in Cardiac and neurology Surgeries. 

There is additionally a focal point of fascination of this meeting will be that how these Cardiology surgeries and neurology Surgeries having their symptom on alternate cells of the body. 

Publication introduction on all the featured points of the meetings by the youthful specialists. 

Keynote gatherings by Prominent Professors, Doctors 

Open Innovation Challenges 

Worldwide Networking sessions with 50+ Countries 

Discourse on the new methods and drugs in the field of congestive coronary illness and dementia ailment 

Best stage for Global business and Networking openings 

Meeting of the editors of alluded diaries, Society and Association individuals over the Globe 

Phenomenal stage to exhibit and offer the most recent items and plan thoughts in Cardiac field.


Current Research Going on Cardiology & Neurology Topics:


Atrial Fibrillation:

The importance of promoting heart health in children and experts highlight early education about heart health prevention later in life.



Mapping of Atrial Arrhythmias using High Spatial Resolution Mapping Catheters and the arrhythmia 3D Mapping System


Heart Transplant:

Optical clearing technique reveals fine structure of the heart



Investigating whether two proteins which accumulate in the brain in alzheimer’s work together to cause synapses to degenerate.


Central Nervous System (CNS):

The sensory system is an organ framework containing a system of specific cells called neurons that facilitate the activities of a creature and transmit motions between various parts of its body. In many creatures the sensory system comprises of two sections, focal and fringe. The focal sensory system contains the mind and spinal line.


Importance and Scope:

Neurology and Cardiology gatherings intends to give master knowledge into late advances in scratch zones of cardiology, and an adjusted point of view on how these may impact rules and patient administration. The gathering will cover a variety of themes including subspecialties, for example, Imaging echocardiography) intercession, intense coronary disorders, arrhythmias and also avoidance, and heart disappointment. The vision behind is to fill in as a novel worldwide stage for cardiologists, heart specialists and scientists from widely acclaimed foundations to share and trade new clinical investigations and progressions in managing cardiovascular illnesses. Therapeutics is a one of a kind discussion to unite overall recognized scholastics in the field of neuroscience and neurology, Brain specialists, general wellbeing experts, researchers, scholarly researchers, industry analysts, researchers to trade about best in class research and advances. Point of this meeting is empower new thoughts for treatment that will be advantageous over the range of Neuroscience. occasions have a wide degree all around in controlling cardiology and neurology understudies, cardiologists, neurologists, researchers, inquire about researchers, restorative experts, driving therapeutic enterprises to champion proficient and social association with sister associations and effectively agree inside the investigation and safe usage of the drug with respect and morals. These major logical occasions comes up completely broke down to proffer the best prospect for the academicians as far as joint efforts to embrace the International workshops to introduce their examination, and exchange experts as far as showing their items and administrations and B2B organizing. The logical gatherings incorporate oral and blurb introductions, courses, and workshops from the experts working inside the field of solution.


Target Audience:

Neurologists and Cardiologists

Neuro and Cardiac Surgeons

University Professors

Various Societies and their members

Institutes-Medical Schools Students

Research Scholars

Business Entrepreneurs

Training Institutes

Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies