About the Conference

Citation International is organising an International Conference on nursing and Health Care to be held in Dubai, UAE from April 9-11, 2018.The main theme of these conference is to escalate the new researches about nursing and evolution taking in the future in development .The objective of this conference is to provide knowledge to the students and to share the knowledge about the development and technologies implementing in nursing by the researchers and scientists share the innovative ideas for the improvement in nursing to provide better service for the patients. We would like to invite and be a part of this conference it will be a good platform to gain knowledge in the nursing to the nurses Registered Nurses, Licensed practical nurse, Clinical Nurses, Nurse Educators, Nurse Managers Clinical Nurse Specialists Clinical Nursing Supervisors While you attend, you connect with leaders and colleagues within the own family nursing network. You’ll be inspired by means of pinnacle speakers and innovators inside the area who will proportion new ideas to recharge your profession; you’ll get to satisfy and talk with contributors of the own family nursing editorial board and other leaders within the family nursing distinctiveness, and will return home refreshed with competencies and know-how you may practice immediately on your exercise!


  Nursing Conference 2018 will be one of the biggest  events in the domain of Nursing and Healthcare.


Why to Attend?

It is a significant passage to debate problems with conjoined concern, exchange views, share ideas and generate solutions to existing or probable challenges within the field. Noted care practitioners, registered nurses, professors, research people, students and delegates, WHO area unit seeking updates and discussions within the recent trends; WHO would love to fulfill and connect with top-seeded professionals students and nurses can have wonderful opportunities to quench their thirst to achieve data, latest technologies and future development implementing in nursing in upcoming years. It will be a great platform to know the latest researches going in nursing at present and in future and the knowledge shared by the speakers.


360 Degree Overview of Nursing and Healthcare

Nursing is defined as the improvement of health and injury suffering through the identification and treatment of human responses and support in health take care of patients, families, communities, and populations. Nurses may observe with their personal and professional pastimes through operating with any organization of people, in any setting, at any time. Some nurses follow the conventional function of working in a sanatorium placing. Other alternatives consist of Pediatrics, Neonatal, Maternity, Geriatrics, Ambulatory or Nurse Anesthetists. There are many other alternatives nurses can discover relying on the sort of degree and training obtained. Research nurse may additionally pursue one of kind roles as advanced exercise registered nurses.


Importance and Scope of Nursing:

Nurses contribute to health care inside a multidisciplinary team. They’re separately in command of their actions and practice inside a statutory regulative framework established to guard the public and assure the standard of nursing services. The role of the nurse is continually dynamical and developing. This implies that nurses might add new functions to their work and can get knowledge on the development in nursing and implementing new things regarding how to take care of the patients in a better way which helps to the future development in the profession of nursing and many more things related to Clinical Nursing Travel nursing researchers on Nursing and Home care nursing.


Target Audience 

Nursing Management and establishments
Registered Nurses
Licensed practical nurse
Clinical Nurses
Nurse Educators
Nurse Managers
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Clinical Nursing Supervisors
Intensive care unit nurse
Travel nurse
Home care nurse
Operating room nurse
Staff nurse
Labor & delivery nurse
Medical/surgical nurse
Dialysis nurse
Critical care nurse
Post-anaesthesia care nurse
Researchers on Nursing

Current Trends in nursing universities

1. Advanced Nursing: The Relationship between Sleep Quality and Perceived Job Performance in Nurses Seeking Graduate Degrees

2. Mental health nursing: Relationships of Mental Health and Income of Undergraduate Nursing Students

3. Psychiatric  nursing:  College Students with Chronic Illnesses: Transition to Self-Care

4. Nursing diagnosis: Diabetes self management and facilitating improved health outcomes, particularly in Mexican Americans

5. Telehealth nursing: Telehealth medicine, improving self-management