About the Conference

Artificial intelligence, Automation and Robotics conference 2018   covers and explores many topics which are the current and trending topics in Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Automation. We aim to bring Industry and academia together to give you the knowledge and applications of breath taking research going in this field.  The collaborations and interactions rise to new technological challenges on questions of safety for each human and robots inevitably. Particularly for kith and kin, the security issue isn't solely physical however additionally psychological. The Citations International brings along a global community of specialists to debate new analysis results, and views of future developments relevant to modelling, design, sensing, comprehension and management of intelligent Humanoids, Major breath-taking areas of Artificial intelligence, Automation and Robotics conference 2018   scientific discipline and physics, and connected areas.


Why to attend?

The current development of the society is based on the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the base of human intelligence. A lot of people have confused between the artificial intelligence and robotics, more knowledge will be given by our renowned speakers, researchers and scholars. Here you can gain an unlimited knowledge of Artificial Intelligence,  Robotics and Automation.

We are creating a larger platform to assemble the great participants and researchers, scholars and many more. And you could demonstrate, distribute and acquire knowledge about the Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation. You can attain deep learning technology, that  will make a splash with new research,  and it can help in your projects and receive a recognition at this 3-day event. With our world-renowned speakers, we are updating the most recent techniques and tactics about Artificial Intelligence, automation and Robotics conference 2018.

Importance and scope:

 Artificial Intelligence is the very important chapter in the every human being on the planet because at the present day every work is directly or indirectly related to us. As of the unpredictable technology development the industries are trying to cut off the man power as much as possible. As of the conference organizers that is we, are gathering every researcher academician, scientists and scholars from the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation community to create a platform, that to approach towards global exchange of information on innovations, technological advance and the various regulatory program towards industrial automation.

Targeted Audiences:

Artificial Intelligence Lab Directors/Associates

Control systems 


Robotics doctorates

Deep learning researchers and academicians


Deep Learning and Robotics Lab Directors/Associates


Control systems and Mechatronics expertise